Show Spray

Laser Lites Show Spray has been formulated to produce the ultimate finish for the show ring.

It contains an anti-static agent, as well as a coat polish.

Simply spray on before entering the ring, and brush vigorously.

Fabulous for getting that special finishing touch - Brightens, lightens & lifts the coat for that special “In-ring” effect.

Liquid Diamonds

Laser Lites Liquid Diamond has been specifically formulated to produce instant shine and silky texture on short coated breeds.

Because the Liquid Diamonds applicator has the very finest atomiser spray, it may be used on coated breeds to give added control in windy conditions, or on unruly coats. The ends of each shaft will twinkle in the sunlight like diamond facets.

On short coats shake well, spray on sparingly, then polish with a dry cloth, mit or chamois for the optimum finish. On medium to long coats, shake well, apply to a brush sparingly and work through the coat.

Dusty Diamonds

This product will produce an unbelievable sparkle on your dog’s coat when the sun is shining. Simply sprinkle onto a brush sparigly, and work through the coat. This is the powder version of Liquid Diamonds.

Go Straight

This is a premium quality hair relaxant creme, to tame unwanted waves. The product can be used in two ways.

Method 1: Put 10 ml of Go Straight in a small squirt or spray bottle and add 100 ml of warm water, and shake well. After shampooning and conditioning, work evenly through coat. Do not rinse out. Straighten hair as you brush it using a blow dryer.

Method 2. Apply full strength to small areas of damp coat that require straightening. Blow dry.

Volume Plus

Volume Plus is a premium quality volumizing cream to provide extra body to coats. The product can be used in two ways:

Method 1 – Put 1 25ml of Volume Plus in a small spray bottle (approx 100ml.), add warm water and shake well. After shampooing and conditioning spray evenly through coat. Do not rinse out. Brush hair upwards using a blow dryer.

Method 2 – Volume Plus can be used instead of a conditioner treatment by diluting at a ratio of 1:10. Do not rinse out. Brush hair upwards using a blow dryer.

Remember to use distilled water if you do not intend to use product all at once.