Aeolus TD-906

The worlds first professional pet dryer with ionic technology.
The Aeolus TD-906 offers maintenance free, energy efficient drying with electronic adjustable air speed: the maxi wind speed reaches 25 m/s lab tested and temperature: heat range is from 20 C to 70 C. The Aeolus TD-906 is latest thing in pet drying technology. First introduced and now favourably endorsed by the barber and beauty industry, ionic hair dryers are reported to improve hair condition, aiding the absorbtion of essential moisture for healthy, shiny, more manageable hair. It will make the hairs much more smooth and easier to be combed. Break through technology makes the dryer much quiter than others in its class. Noise of TD-906 is lower than 65db. ABS body surface resists harsh chemicals and damages. 360 Rotating nozzle so it can be positioned at any angle. Complete with height adjustable floor stand and castors. Stylish design.

Key Features:
Durable DC motor.
Variable air speed.
Variable air temperature.
Adjustable height.
Removable, washable air filter.
4-point steel fabricated base.
Swivel castors for easy maneuverability.
Detachable directional nozzle.
1 year limited warranty.
EC safety standards.



Aeolus TD-901

The TD-901 high velocity blaster/dryer delivers a high volume of air to blast water from coats. Can be used with or without heat with a built in independent unbreakable incoloy tubular heating element. Two stage filtration. Variable speed air flow 34-48 m/s control by solid state controls. Powerfull 2800W long lasting Japanese carbon brush motor, 3M long puncture resistant hose. No other blaster dryer offers more for less.

A blaster dryer is used to blast dry excess water off a dogs coats and cuts down drying times. The Aeolus TD-901 Blaster Dryer will save you time with the high velocity drying power and with the independent heat element This Blaster Dryer is Ideal for home and salon use. For salon use we recommend The Aeolus TD-901 Blaster Dryer to be used in conjunction with Aeolus TD-906 or TD-905 Pro finishing Dryers.

Key Features:
• Durable Japanese carbon brush motor.
• Constructed of rugged durable steel.
• Variable air speed.
• Variable air temperature.
• Removable, washable air filter.
• dual mounted legs - for horisontal and vertical use.
3M long puncture resistant hose.
• 1 year limited warranty.
• EC safety standards.