About Us

1987 we bought our first Afghan Bitch. The maintenance was not easy at all. To find the right shampoo was a real challenge and we never got it right. Through a coincident and 15 years later we found the Laser Lites Shampoos. After the first use the enthusiasm was great. At once we had the same dog just with another coat in frot of us. The result was totally fascinating. Since that moment, for our three dogs, Afghan Hound, Golden Retriever and American Cocker Spaniel, there is no other cometic except of Laser Lites.

But we were not so lucky and soon our distributour for Austria couldn't go on with his business and Laser Lites was nowhere in Austria to buy. We tried to buy them in Germany but it didn't work. The Germany distributours gave up or did never answer.

At start of 2007, we decided to take the distribution for Austria over. Now we have got a good customerbase. Our satisfied customers are buying in Austria, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Irland, Latvia, Montenegro, Polen, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Tschech Rep. and Ukraine.

All our customers which tried Laser Lites never again wanted to hear about any other shampoos.

Please enjoy your visit and research on our homepage and mail us any question you have.

Mag. Martina Dodan