My Story

I was born in Croatia 29 years ago, but soon after I moved to Austria. I grew up with dogs, dog shows and breeding. Around 15 years ago, when digital cameras started to get popular my parents bought a Canon DSLR. As they didn’t use their DSLR a lot I started using it and took photos of all our journeys and our dogs. When I returned back to Europe from my semester in Australia I started my own photography “brand”. In 2012 I was one of the founding members of “Best in Show Magazine”. In 2013 I got to know Natascha, my fiancé. She is a wonderful and a true dog person. Together with Natascha’s brother we have founded ProDog Magazine & Photography and constantly worked to offer the best photography services for dog people. We offer professional photo services on shows, but also do a lot of outside shootings. My pictures have been used for numerous cover pages. My pictures have been awarded various times. Our last and biggest achievement was being awarded WDPA Professional Dog Portrait of 2018 at the World Dog Show in Amsterdam.

Photography is one of my big if not my biggest passions. Everything I know about it I’ve thought myself and learnt step by step. I love to catch the perfect moment and to let my pictures tell stories. I’m looking forward to meeting you and picture new stories together!



Mak Dodan Photography

Beethovengasse 4

3420 Kritzendorf



+43 664 125 1411